Wilderness Survival

What would you do if you were stuck in the woods for a day or an overnight without supplies?  Maybe you did it with intention for fun?  Wilderness survival is about living in harmony with the earth and typically includes primitive skills dealing with food, shelter, fire, etc. See how strong you would be if you were on vacation and gone for a long hike and you got lost.  Learning how to handle it means understanding the essentials for survival in the natural environment.  Take a chance and try it!   

Activity Description

Assuming that wilderness survival will include Hiking for at least 30 minutes, one can assume that wilderness survival will burn 204 calories.

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Wilderness Survival Skills  
Leave No Trace  

Surviving in the Outdoors

Wilderness and Remote First Aid Training


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Acorn History, Harvesting, and Preparation
Cook Forest State Park

Throughout history, acorns have been consumed by humans living on at least four different continents. Once considered the “staff of life” in indigenous cultures, the acorn is generally considered inedible in its raw form, though with proper processing, its gifts are made manifest. This typically involves some variation of drying, shelling, grinding, leaching, and cooking.  Join Adam Haritan from LearnYourLand.com at the Fire Tower Parking Lot to learn how to properly gather and process acorns from start to finish.  Participants will learn oak tree identification, acorn gathering tips (how to separate the good from the bad), differences between red and white oak groups (important for processing), several leaching methods, drying and storing methods, nutritional benefits, and more! 


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