Orienteering is an art in map and compass reading and a fun way to exercise and build wilderness survival skills.  There are parks where orienteering courses are established permanently and open to use by the general public.   If you select an event where you can learn helpful hints in reading the map and compass, you will be able to take up the adventure while on vacation at another park or wilderness area.  Bring your kids and tell them they will be reading a treasure map and getting some exercise in a fun way!

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Assuming that orienteering will include hiking for 30 minutes, one can assume that orienteering burns 204 calories.

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Follow these links to gather more information on orienteering. They may or may not be directly affiliated with Get Outdoors PA.

Orienteering USA  
Delaware Valley Orienteering Association  
Western PA Orienteering Club  
Susquehanna Valley Orienteering  
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Orienteering 101
Locust Lake State Park
Conservation Volunteers Steve and Sharon Aronsin from the Delaware Valley Orienteering Association will present an orienteering program at the Locust Lake program shelter at 5:00 pm. Following a brief introduction, the program will include the history of orienteering and a walk around the lake. There will be a hands-on presentation on how to read a special topographical map. Come join us and check out our new and improved orienteering course. Shine only.


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