Get Outdoors PA Community Partners will combine efforts to host a winter Go Day event in conjunction with Winter Trails Day on January 10th. Check out the calendar for Winter Go Day events in your region.
Hunting is an activity that is woven into Pennsylvania's culture. There are close to a million hunters that take to Penn's Woods each year to connect with nature, spend time with family and pursue their favorite game.
Get Outdoors PA is the way to connection with health and the outdoors! Visit our calendar, find an outdoor recreation activity to learn or practice, but remember November is American Diabetes month and brisk physical activity 3x per day and healthy eating can manage and prevent diabetes. Have fun!
Check out what is "in" today in recreation... archery is a low-impact way to get outside. While it can be the means to sharpening one’s hunting skills, many enjoy the sport for the thrill of precision competition. Try it out and see what The Hunger Games enthusiasts are talking about!
Fall is upon us and get the last photos taken of the remnant of long days of sun. Learn from professionals on how to capture the beauty of wildlife and nature, so you can forever preserve the wonderful memories of your outdoor adventures.
Hone your survival skills to learn about the American Indian, as it is Native American Heritage month. basic survival skills like keeping warm and eating in the wilderness are essential components. Learn how to properly construct a natural shelter, make fire, collect water, try wild edibles, and more.

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Why Get Outdoors PA?

Did you ever try kayaking, target shooting or fishing?  Get Outdoors PA is a way for you and your whole family to learn or advance these recreation activities through active, outside, fun  programs. There is something for everyone! If you need an accommodation to participate in park activities due to a disability, please contact the park you plan to visit.

The high point for programming is National Get Outdoors Day which is June 13, 2015 but we have programming year around so keep an eye on the calendar.  Winter Trails Day is coming January 10th!



Visit the Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve for special fall programs...


Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve is located in south central PA and is featuring fly tying, hiking and a trail run events this month.  Visit our calendar for more fun fall events, even as the days grow shorter!


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